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World Wide Quality Service

Space Coast Laser, Inc. started out as primarily a service company. Strongly rooted in the medical laser industry, Space Coast Laser continues to build on this legacy. Our service staff can handle any problem worldwide. Our service engineers are fully trained on systems manufactured by Nidek, Coherent, LaserX, Cooper, HGM and Ophthalas as well as Trimdyne, Laser Ionics and Lasermetrics equipment.


Service is available in several different forms. On Call service is what most laser operators are used to. After the warranty period they call someone to fix the laser when it doesn't work anymore. This is the most expensive type of service since the equipment is usually nonfunctional and the operator has a strong need to get on with business.


Periodic Maintenance Checks are a better form of service. A Service Engineer schedules a visit with the operator to check out the laser. Usually some adjustment is done to keep the laser operating to specification. This is far more beneficial to the operator as there is no interruption in equipment availability and many potential problems can be detected and corrected before they become serious.


Service Agreements or Contracts are the top level of service that is available. The operator is basically purchasing a warranty on his equipment for a specified period of time. The service company guarantees that the laser, will be kept operational. Should problems arise there is no charge to the operator for parts, labor or travel.


Space Coast Laser provides service in all of these forms. We also provide warranty service on refurbished equipment that we sell. The same high standards apply regardless of how the service originates. Our service is not limited to the laser but includes accessories as well. Slit Lamps, Ophthalmoscopes, Scanners and even power supply service is available.

Our repertoire of equipment serviced is constantly increasing to meet the needs of the medical laser industry.

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